Cheap Website Design

We help businesses to realise their potential online with a low cost, affordable and yet professional looking website. We ensure it's fully optimised for Google SEO, and geared up to generating leads and sales.

Why Choose The SME Lab for your Web Design project

Cheap Web Design Services

If you’re considering building a new website for your business, whether it’s to replace an existing website, or to build a new website. There’s going to be a lot of considerations to take into account, when choosing somebody to build your new website. We’ll work with you to quickly and efficiently get your new website online as affordably as possible, to help save you money to be able to market your business online.

Responsive / Mobile Friendly Web Design

As time goes on and with more and more people opting to go online using Smartphones and Tablets. It’s becoming far more important to ensure that your website works well and looks great on all devices. Google has even gone as far as to offer websites which are deemed to be mobile friendly, a ranking boost for Google searches conducted on mobile devices.

Google is also considering the load times of your website as a ranking factor too, so ensuring your website loads quickly on all devices is imperative to helping ensure your new website is going to be found by potential customers. Although we love WordPress, out of the box it isn’t the greatest and for that reason. We’ll not only customise your new website both on the front end with your new web design, but also within the backend to help ensure it’s going to load as quickly and smoothly as possible for your visitors.

SEO Friendly Web Design

You’ve probably heard of the saying; “Beauty is only skin deep! It’s what’s on the inside that counts!”. Well we believe the same to be true of small business websites too! All too often, they’re designed to look nice for human visitors, with little thought to how Google will view these websites. Beyond ensuring your new website is Mobile Responsive, we’ll also ensure that your new website is optimised for Google under the hood. Although much of the optimisation on your website we conduct will be unnoticeable to you and your visitors. It will make a big difference to how Google understands your website and your content.

When we hand over your new website, we’ll ensure that all the sections are optimised for Google, giving your new website the best possible chance of being quickly indexed and found by your customers. Of course we’ll do our best to ensure your new website has the best possible chance of being found, there are also other measures you can take, such as Small Business SEO and Local SEO Campaigns to help improve your visibility within Google, as well as using PPC Campaigns to attract customers to your website. All of which we can help you with once your new website is live.

We can Help You with Small Business Web Design

WordPress Web Design

Whether you’ve had an opportunity to test WordPress or not. You’ll love how incredibly easy it is to manage your new website yourself, editting and adding new content with complete ease. Our Web Design service adds the top layer of magic to this great CMS tool.

Responsive Web Design

Over the years, many websites have become what is termed “Mobile Responsive”. This means they work much better on Mobile and Tablets. Google even gives these websites an SEO boost. All of our websites are made “Mobile Responsive” for this reason.

SEO Web Design

By getting your business online, you’ll open your eyes to a whole new way of attracting more customers to your business. In order to do this, you will need to ensure that your website is SEO friendly. All of our websites are created to be SEO friendly, with Google in mind.

Benefits of Allowing Us to Build Your New Website

Help and Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring all of our customers are supported, long after their websites go live. We offer a friendly and highly experienced level of support to answer your pre-sales questions.

Free Website Backups

All of our website hosting customers can rest assured that that their websites will be safe, with our Free Website Backups to our off-site storage servers. With Free website restoration available.

Monthly Payment Plans

We realise that some small businesses may feel they cannot afford a new website. As so, we give all customers the option to pay for their website monthly, or save money and pay a single fee.

Custom Website Templates

To keep costs down, we’ve designed a range of starter page templates for you to choose from to build your new website. Then add your own colours, images and text to make it unique to your business.

Free Website Hosting

All the new website we build for our clients include optional Free Website Hosting on our servers, meaning we can help you get your new website up online quickly and easily with the minimum fuss.

WordPress CMS

We build all of our websites on WordPress, which powers 27% of the Internet’s websites. To make it easy to keep your website content up to date, our websites are designed to be easy to update.