About The SME Lab

Find out more about us and why we love helping the Small Guys compete online with a full range of services from PPC Management, SEO Services and Web Design.

Thanks for taking an interest in who we are and wanting to find out a little more about us. We’re sure you have more than a few questions about us so let’s try and answer a few of them whilst you get to know us a little better…

Why are we called The SME Lab?

Very good question, so let us explain. The ‘SME’ part of our name should be immediately obvious to most of you as meaning Small and Medium Enterprises. But for our American clients, it’s a little more confusing since the abbreviation SME isn’t actually used in the USA, since they more commonly use ‘SMB’, which stands for Small and Medium Businesses. So if you’re from America, or a Country which uses the SMB terminology, it should make more sense to you now.

Moving on, the ‘Lab’ part, well we like to think of ourselves as in a constant journey of learning and experimenting with both new technologies and methods to help improve our clients visibility within Google. Whether that be from implementing new PPC methods and technologies. As well as implementing SEO optimisation and best practices and helping to give their brands and websites a professional look and feel.

If you go back as little as 10 years ago and look at the websites on the Internet, you will see just how much the technology has changed. Keeping pace with these changes is vitally important to ensure that our websites are not only keeping up with current trends. Nobody wants to have a website that looks old and outdated compared to their competitors websites.

Not only will you see a huge change in web design trends, but you will also see that compared to today. 10 years ago it was very much easier and cheaper to achieve high rankings in Google. Almost since the beginning of the Internet, the same methods were being used to out fox Google by giving it what it wanted – backlinks!

These days, we cannot assume that the methods that worked 12 month ago, even 12 weeks ago are still going to work! Google has evolved so much since 2012’s game changing Penguin Algorithm update when everything was turned on it’s head. Prior to April 2012, there was no noticeable negative affect to what we were doing. Link Building either worked, or it did nothing. These days it either works or it hurts you by causing unnatural link warnings in Google Webmaster Tools (now known as the Search Console). So this is why Marketing is very much about testing, testing, testing… to keep one step ahead of Google

How long has The SME Lab been doing PPC, SEO & Web Design?

We’ve been involved in PPC, SEO and web design for over 10 years, but the website as you see it today has only been around since 2015. For a couple of years now, it has become obvious that people had begun to consider “SEO” to be a bit of a dirty word. In the past couple of years, well renowned websites such as SEOmoz.org and MajesticSEO.com rebranding to Moz.and Majestic.com respectively.

As so we decided that we would follow suite, but rather than rebrand, we decided ‘a change is as good as a rest’, as they say. But in our case, rest meant rest or rather retire our old website and build a new brand with a new name which better reflected what we wanted to do and who we are today. We love working with individuals and small businesses, we also love experimenting and keeping pace with current trends in PPC, SEO and web design. So we believe the name suits us down to the ground, we hope you’ll join us on our journey and let us explain how we can help you on your online journey.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch with us and discuss your requirements. Head over to our Contact Us page and fill send us your details.